How to earn fast money

WassabyWassaby Posts: 27REGISTERED Occasional Poster
Hey guys i've been wondering how hard/easy is to earn points in this new update.
I use to play in a 10 min pub game (LP2 is my favorite) instead of 5 min in order to get max time bonus (10min = 240 points). I prefere games with few players and i try to make heat/nut shots to earn some extra, but the most important thing is to manage to do 10 min ingame to get full time bonus. Some times i create my own map and kill any player comes in (probably he will go away after few kills).

What are your new strategies to get a good amount of points in this new award system?


  • Stripes!Stripes! Posts: 151REGISTERED Active Poster Lvl 1
    I actually purchased every weapon I wanted (Fc+, Firwave and MSR) so I'm not really bothered with points at the moment. :P 

    The main thing is to play 10 min matches.
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  • Delta 38 Da GreatDelta 38 Da Great Posts: 1,051REGISTERED Community Expert Lvl 2
    i know its hard to earn point in this update but be patient and have fun :)
    When i was a newbie im just using a machine gun and a splatbat and hop here and there and dies and respawn and kill pros and i have fun :)

    Anyway max play time is 10 min so when u're there try not to leave the game 
    u're gonna get some more point for 10 min gameplay so just stay there like i do waiting for pros to join :D 

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  • Agressor BunxAgressor Bunx Posts: 1,189REGISTERED Community Expert Lvl 2
    I really don't know how its done, but usually winning gets you a fair amount of points. In that case your team also won, and you probably had a good score. It just works out.
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  • Remilia ScarletRemilia Scarlet Posts: 663REGISTERED Community Expert Lvl 1
    Does playing 10 minute matches have a better coin gain ratio than 5 minute matches? If 10 minutes gets you 240 coins then you'd expect 5 minutes to gain you 120, but unless 5 minutes gives less than 120 coins then it doesn't exactly make a huge difference.
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  • The GriffinThe Griffin Posts: 980REGISTERED Community Expert Lvl 2
    lp2 is hard to earn points because of the scale however if you just equip mg and maybe any sniper you can kill almost every pro

    i can kill anyone at lp2
    i also die when there is a blitz of 4 mg's
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  • moci-182moci-182 Posts: 1,008REGISTERED Community Expert Lvl 2
    I personally earn coins only on Cuberstrike, all the other maps with same kills and same time, give me less coins, also if my result is pretty better. 

  • UberstrikeilUberstrikeil Posts: 5,809REGISTERED Level 9000 Warlock
    Smack and head/nutshot. Play in sky. 10 min. Play 5 min in uberzone , smack
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  • DellyBrateDellyBrate Posts: 547REGISTERED Community Expert Lvl 1
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    Its not really that hard to earn Coins fast. Its just to have a strategic.
    Mine is to never buy weps for 1 / 7 days. It works for me and i am happy with it now :D
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  • Innocent TerraInnocent Terra Posts: 1,372REGISTERED Community Expert Lvl 3
    I find it easier in smaller maps as there will be more people in a confined space

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  • PhosseyPhossey Posts: 2,201REGISTERED UberStrike Veteran Member
    Find a map like hanger that has health and ammo to pick up, then use a mythic edge, awp, and fire wave. If you have any measure of skill you will do very well

  • PhosseyPhossey Posts: 2,201REGISTERED UberStrike Veteran Member
    Or use Basics lol. I have a kdr of around 6 usually in a random game.

  • -Marks--Marks- Posts: 1,503REGISTERED Community Expert Lvl 3
    Grab a nice loadout from the shop,and some cool armors.Enter a game,and start killing and killing! :P


  • -Mamba--Mamba- Posts: 599REGISTERED Community Expert Lvl 1
    get a job jk, just go melee only. Melee kills give you the most coins.

  • TheZachinator.TheZachinator. Posts: 1,939REGISTERED UberStrike Veteran Member
    I honestly seem to get the most points by losing 1v1s.  I'm not even kidding.  o_O

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  • Bryan is |ceColdBryan is |ceCold Posts: 3,169REGISTERED Level 9000 Warlock
    Deaths = more coins

    I don't even know how. I got into a game with my deaths more than my kills, I ended up earning more than 300+ coins.
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  • mind1456mind1456 Posts: 855REGISTERED Community Expert Lvl 2
    Deaths = more coins

    I don't even know how. I got into a game with my deaths more than my kills, I ended up earning more than 300+ coins.
    IF you come across anything like 300+ coins post the pic bro... i never saw one....
  • silverywolfsilverywolf Posts: 4,837REGISTERED Level 9000 Warlock
    Yeah, it's really hard... °-°
    As you said, trying to say the whole match is a good idea, and getting as many critical shots as you can is also the best thing to do, but the main idea which has always been the same is to get the most kills you can... :P

  • Veni Vidi Vici.Veni Vidi Vici. Posts: 518REGISTERED Community Expert Lvl 1
    10 minute game.

    Full loaded with OP.

    Play to the very end.

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  • #Chateau Margaux#Chateau Margaux Posts: 406REGISTERED Forum Veteran Lvl 2
    Play, play, play! The new XP system has confirmed it! Anyways join the club for coin saving! ;)

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  • Retribution SlayerRetribution Slayer Posts: 31REGISTERED Occasional Poster
    I just get easy money by joining a game full of newcomers so that i can kill easier
  • MJ<3MJ<3 Posts: 2,833REGISTERED Gideons Minion
    its actually very easy,

    *Find a game @Hangar or at SuperPRISM
    *Get a powerful mele e.g, Sender/Hammer/Mytheitc edge
    *Spawn kill anyone who spawns.

    this is always my way of getting kills,

    i use Mele for Close Combat, how ever basics are fast to kill someone in long range.
  • The Scarlet WitchThe Scarlet Witch Posts: 2,981REGISTERED Gideons Minion
    Currently you will get more coins for staying though a whole 10 mins game than getting 100 kills. So time = money. Play a few games and you will find the longer ones give you more coins.

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  • SoulPiercerSoulPiercer Posts: 248REGISTERED Active Poster Lvl 2
    i really hate this new update

    sooo not newbie friendly

  • Instant RevolutionInstant Revolution Posts: 1,292REGISTERED Community Expert Lvl 3
    The longer you stay the more coins you'll get.

  • -Necromance--Necromance- Posts: 776REGISTERED Community Expert Lvl 1
    Since the Exp Curve has been going all i do to get coins or exp is just do 1 v1. 10 mins with a person  u can get over 100

  • Sir FreeSir Free Posts: 2,753REGISTERED Gideons Minion
    Hahah i love doing the same as you!

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  • SoulPiercerSoulPiercer Posts: 248REGISTERED Active Poster Lvl 2
    its called new exp curve

    why is this dam curve affecting coins

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