Update 4.4.1 is live - New Economy, Gifting & more !

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Cmune proudly presents...


From 'Pay to win' to 'Play to win'

UberStrike has a huge collection of weapons & gear. Previously, paying players had instant access to the high end of the spectrum while non paying players were left out in the cold. Now, all players have access to everything!

The changes can be briefly summarized with:

- Rewarded only for skill
- Only some items were available for points
- Paying players bypassed level locks

- Rewarded for participating & skill
- EVERYTHING is available for points
- Both paying and non paying players need to unlock items


- New XP & Points attribution formula: you’re now rewarded for playing, with bonuses for kills, your team winning, headshots, nutshots & smackdowns!
- Send mystery gifts to your friends connected via Facebook
- One button screenshots to Facebook using comma
- Performance improvements for low end PC’s: Added option to disable post processing effects
- New Home Screen UI


- Huge economy changes - EVERYTHING available for points & credit purchases are now level locked!
- New item level locks
- Credit & Point price changes across the board
- Item deprecations: Handguns, Tec9, UMG & M4A1 Silenced. If you own one of these we've already refunded you and you'll have a message in your inbox pronto.
- Matches times are set to max 10 minutes (5 minutes by default)
- Removed weapon drops & test area in Shop
- Holo AP removed, Gear now standardized into 3 tiers: Light (20AP/10AR), Medium (40AP/15AR) & Heavy (60AP/20AR)
- Various UI tweaks to Shop
- Ammo stat changes across most weapons & SPAS-12 ROF decreased
- Removed Team Elimination
- Removed Daily Lucky Draw, changed Mystery Boxes & Lucky Draws in The Shop
- Default round time changed to 5 mins, 10 maximum
- AquaLab Research Hub has been removed


- Updated about page
- Fixed logout bugs on iPad
- Loading indicators more accurate when loading holos & masks
- Login via cookie now works again on browser restart
- You can no longer equip a ranged weapon in the melee slot
- Items not available in the shop now removed from Level Up dialog
- Fixed spelling mistakes in about page
- Several bug fixes & performance improvements related to item asset loading

Read the post in which our Game Designer reveals details on the new Points and XP System @ http://forum.uberstrike.com/discussion/55127/points-and-xp-system-explained

Thank you! -Team Cmune
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  • -This Is Destiny--This Is Destiny- Posts: 662REGISTERED Community Expert Lvl 1
    I think that I will love it
    Thanks CMUNE
    I created my own sig :p
  • TbonediamondTbonediamond Posts: 270REGISTERED Forum Veteran Lvl 1
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    I like this update!! I got refunded 16k creds and 200k coins haha! I just dont think anyone has seen it yet because it was posted at 4 am for me. And something to add - I think you should put some of the level locks at level 60 or even 70 for the really nice masks or extremely powerful guns because I am level 60 now and everything is so easy to buy haha
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  • ZX189ZX189 Posts: 2,804REGISTERED Gideons Minion
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    There were some things I like and some things I don't like but anyway, thanks for you work ;)

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  • Delta 38 Da GreatDelta 38 Da Great Posts: 1,051REGISTERED Community Expert Lvl 2
    I Love the new update but there's still things to be fixed :)
    I'll Miss Those Handguns
    Thanks a lot CMUNE !

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  • Flandre Scarlet.Flandre Scarlet. Posts: 576REGISTERED Community Expert Lvl 1
    I bought a m4a1 do I get my creds back?



  • -TastyTreat--TastyTreat- Posts: 118REGISTERED Active Poster Lvl 1
    Nice work :p

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  • Veni Vidi Vici.Veni Vidi Vici. Posts: 517REGISTERED Community Expert Lvl 1
    I think this update is great, though I will be still buying credits as it's easier :D

    Also some of my friends have told me they got like 1 million points, how is that? 

    The XP system is like the old days which is pretty good. 


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  • This-is-ChickenThis-is-Chicken Posts: 1,450REGISTERED Community Expert Lvl 3
    SICK!!!!!!!! Now I can finallly get so much stuff i'm overreacting. 
  • So|idaristSo|idarist Posts: 2,141REGISTERED UberStrike Veteran Member
    edited August 2013
    Awesome! This will motivate me to getting into moar games. :D

    But why... why remove the AquaLab Research Hub and TE? :O 

    Edit: Where has the Jungle pants of resistance, the other elemental pants and Tito & Sergio outfits gone to?
    Also some of my friends have told me they got like 1 million points, how is that? 

    I think it might be the lottery that was pushed live when Ubz hit 1mil likes on Facebook. 
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  • ZezimaaZezimaa Posts: 880REGISTERED Community Expert Lvl 2
    I liked this update very much, great move Cmune. The game is now even more addictive which will make more peope to stay and play :)
    I would like to give some feedback but some of new features is not working, xp/points etc so I will save that for later. But for now, I really hope that the level lock will be higher on most of the gears that is avaible in the shop.

  • -FATAL--FATAL- Posts: 319REGISTERED Forum Veteran Lvl 1
    Team Elimination? GONE? Just like that?
    So what is going to replace it.
    Most credit player will be pissed off.
    From what heard Uberjacket 20AP? Seriously? Its like the only 2 none ap shirt before this update...
    Im okay with the others.Just tell me why?
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