Should I get perm basic weapons?

Should I still get perm basic even when I know  how to strafe and quickswitch?
Level 36 btw.


  • Phenom ForeverPhenom Forever Posts: 830REGISTERED Community Expert Lvl 2
    You totally should!

    The basics are the most Synergized weapons in the game, They never lag when scrolled fast, And they go in with any loadout. They are very all rounded and are really balanced. The Basic Sniper rifle/Shotgun/Cannon loadout is one of the most loved loadouts in the game, It would be absurd to not have one!

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  • IandudeIandude Posts: 586REGISTERED, QA Testers Community Expert Lvl 1
    You should for clan wars. i f you ever join a clan, expect to be chosen for a clan war, and you will probably need basics, as it is a basic clan war.

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  • TheOldBurnsTheOldBurns Posts: 840REGISTERED Community Expert Lvl 2
    These weapons are the most important weapons in Uberstrike, these are the weapons everyone started with, these are the weapons that will help you get coins for more powerfull weapons, these are the weapons that will never disapoint you.

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  • Eterna|FubukiEterna|Fubuki Posts: 1,668REGISTERED Community Expert Lvl 3
    Of course!!The basic weapons are the key to your first steps into ubz...even though you know how to strafe,quickswitch ,etc  .. it wouldn't hurt to have basic weapons with you since basic weapons are loved by a lot of phenom , Darkf0rce, Poseidon ,and many others... who knows you might even like to play basics , you might get bored with your Op stuff and relive the pleasure of playing with  basics, you might even join a clan and they will need to test you out with a basics match....and you might battle in your first clan war and you will need your basics.... ( getting a bit of topic here :P) but in short basics are very very useful.. it would be ridiculous to not have one (like phenom said^^) 

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  • oblivion.tacooblivion.taco Posts: 1,034REGISTERED Community Expert Lvl 2
    Definitely go for it. Basics are fun to play with and really test your ability to rely on other skills to survive.

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  • The Dead HimselfThe Dead Himself Posts: 1,612REGISTERED Community Expert Lvl 3
    Of course what is that question

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  • snoopdoggy11snoopdoggy11 Posts: 164REGISTERED Active Poster Lvl 1
    I would. As others have said you may need them for clan wars. Get them because they are some of the most used weapons in the game for a reason. 
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  • Curse BlueCurse Blue Posts: 997REGISTERED Community Expert Lvl 2
    oh u better...

  • -Delirium--Delirium- Posts: 259REGISTERED Forum Veteran Lvl 1
    you should man , is good to used Basic weaps to show your skills to other players... 

  • This-is-ChickenThis-is-Chicken Posts: 1,450REGISTERED Community Expert Lvl 3
    Yes, of course, bascis are a great way to start you on your way to being a great player.
  • -Hybrid|Eshu--Hybrid|Eshu- Posts: 290REGISTERED Forum Veteran Lvl 1
    yes you must use basics, cuz basics is the best! 

  • ickdasickdas Posts: 189REGISTERED Active Poster Lvl 2
    Man yes you should definately  buy the basics for perm .. even if you are in OP you will be amazed with their speed and how well they work together plus using them in games for 1 day a week it can make you a much better player ( also 0 AP can help you master map control and dodging bullets )
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