Uberstrike 4.4 not ready

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Hello everybody,

I am posting this forum thread to express my views on the just released Uberstrike version 4.4 . I feel that this version of Uberstrike is just NOT ready for it to go live. Below are some points i hate about the newest version:

1. Annoying loading sign on icons

I know the loading thing on the icons are to aid in faster loading of the game, but i am personally someone that focus on the icons to select things and stuff, so i get VERY annoyed having to load them all over again after every refresh of the game. (However, I'm fine with the green armor and weapons in game)

2. Extreme lag

I dont know if its just me or not but Uberstrike have been very laggy since the update and i yes i know it will be solved and yada yada but if it does not get solved any sooner, i am totally going to lose interest in the game because you can't expect me to play games with that lag.

3. The (removal) of bundles

I am personally a HUGE fan of bundles and have purchased many. Although many may disagree, i am still counting on bundles to make certain sets cheaper to buy.

4. Leaderboards not having the search (x) pages function

To find my rank, i'm pressing more than 20-30 times and i am very annoyed as well.


Next, i would be addressing some other issues i am experiencing everyday:

1. Unpleased with the "My Profile" page

I am not really pleased with the current 'My Profile' page. Although there is some improvement, i dont see why my global ranking is not present in it. If you just updated the leader boards, then why not update the 'My Profile' with the ranking?

2. Ridiculous Accuracy on certain profiles

I do not know if this issue have been addressed or not but i dont believe my sniping skills are 0.04% accurate in aiming


I hope my feedbacks can improve the game and if there is an issue that i mentioned that has already been addressed, Please give me the link to some forum page or something so i can have a look. This is just feedbacks and i know people would definitely be countering that Uberstrike 4.4 has only JUST been released and you know, let CMUNE fix things. But man, I cant really take the lag (could be my problem, but never happened before version 4.4)

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    CMUNE might already be working on the lag issue but they cant change everything to your needs. Its really hard programming and maintaining a game having 10 million players. So try to get along with the profile and all. Keep patience til the update fixes
    lag as my old android phone with 256MB ram & running 4.0
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