What is in new in 4.4.?

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Hey uberstrike, I am not able to go to the 4.4 beta so I am wondering if anyone can give me a list of the new things. ,Chillingo
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    Best Graphic, Perfect FPS.
    Cool bro, you have to try
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    Lots of stuff that needs be fixed, that's for sure. (Funny thing is half of the stuff that's on the bugs glitches area aren't bugs, glitches: 50%resistance with no AP on, or Arctic Rifle having 12dmge when it should be 24.)
    People try to point out old things that were intended to be there in the first place. Lolzez.
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    One of the worst thing happened to me... The MSR is only 50% CRITICAL HIT BONUS!! IT SHOULD BE 150%.

    But everything else good.

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    4.4 Release Notes
    - Item Asset bundles are now dynamically downloaded - smaller downloads, faster loading times & performance improvements!
    - UX & UI tweaks to game & server screens
    - Holos can now be tried in the shop
    - New in-game/lobby colors for Moderators & QA testers

    - Multiple security updates against account spoofing
    - In-game chat system now more robust on Mac
    - Audio changes to hit sounds, end of round, game launch & level up
    - Several tweaks & small fixes to clan system
    - Animation improvements when purchasing points & credits
    - Explore Maps scrollbars now appear consistently
    - AP & Defense Bonus text positioning in the shop now improved
    - Item icon backgrounds now consistent
    - ‘Try’ in shop now guarantees selected weapon is equipped first
    - UI elements no longer misaligned on end of round screen
    - Clan Leaders can now request to add moderators, QA testers & admins to their clan
    - Expanded video quality options

    - Projectiles now spawn immediately relative to weapon when fired
    - Explosive grenades no longer invisible to remote players
    - Crouch/jump combo’s can no longer be used to break colliders
    - Group invites now show in outgoing invites
    - Fixed error ‘Unknown’ issue with Name Change
    - Quick Item HUD would sometimes not appear
    - Maximum full screen FPS no longer 20 on Mac
    - Clan & avatar info now updates after using name change
    - Improved security via auth token calls

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