Weapon order poll: sniper cannon shotgun is in the lead

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I know many of you have a shotgun sniper and cannon in your loadout, so this brings me to the point of which is the best. There are 6 possible combinations of these weapons

Shotgun-cannon-sniper- |||||||
Shotgun-sniper-cannon- |||||||||
Cannon-sniper-shotgun- ||||||
Sniper-cannon-shotgun- ||||||||||||
Sniper-shotgun-cannon- ||||||

The one that I use is shotgun-cannon-sniper so just post your favorite or best one(I can't think of the word to use)
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  • ~Night|Stalker~~Night|Stalker~ Posts: 1,457REGISTERED Community Expert Lvl 3
    When i have these classes together i use sniper, shotgun, cannon

  • urban-thunderurban-thunder Posts: 17REGISTERED Occasional Poster
    sniper cannon shotgun that way as i get closer to my enemy my weapons switch down by range
  • AmphibiiAmphibii Posts: 1,825REGISTERED UberStrike Veteran Member
    I use Sniper Cannon Shotgun because I feel most comfortable pressing 2 and 4 (my primary and tertiary buttons). I also like having sniper first so that when I quickswitch if I land a headshot I only use one sniper bullet and maybe a cannon or shotgun shot that would've followed up the sniper shot rather than two or three ammo of each weapon. I also feel that my first shot is pretty accurate when quickswitching but the rest of my shots aren't usually as accurate.
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  • VicredriousVicredrious Posts: 1,164REGISTERED Community Expert Lvl 2
    My loadout is Cannon, Sniper, Shotgun.
    However, I press 3, 2, 4 and usually repeat the order unless there's someone close (That's when I press 1)

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  • silverywolfsilverywolf Posts: 4,515REGISTERED Level 9000 Warlock
    So I use the scrolling technique (menub) and I mostly scroll in one way so I don't have to think to change weapons.
    Therefore, I decided to place my sniper in the middle. So I have:

    But then often I just start with the cannon which does cannon-shotgun-sniper but just count the first one as mine.
    It's the order I've always used and whenever I tried changing it it bothered me... ^^

  • Eterna|FubukiEterna|Fubuki Posts: 1,579REGISTERED Community Expert Lvl 3
    Meh I go for Shotgun - Cannon - Sniper just so I can bring the explosive power to my foe's ....

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  • ~-The Joyspoiler-~~-The Joyspoiler-~ Posts: 338REGISTERED Forum Veteran Lvl 1
    I has mine as sniper-canon-shotgun, as this is in ascending order of their ranges. I wheel switch, but I use E as my primary button, so i don't have to spend ages switching to it. And my melee as Q.

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  • Bryan is |ceColdBryan is |ceCold Posts: 3,150REGISTERED Level 9000 Warlock
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    When I first discovered quick switching, I arranged my load out into a normal shooter loadout- Close range, Long Range, Back-up. So, Shootyz-Snippyz-Rocketz
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  • Q27Q27 Posts: 296REGISTERED Forum Veteran Lvl 1
    The order I use is Sniper-Shotgun-Cannon (when I use these 3).

  • Agressor BunxAgressor Bunx Posts: 1,189REGISTERED Community Expert Lvl 2
    I use: Sniper
    > Shotty
    > Cannon.
    I hit the 80 and lay an easy 20. I scroll up (nab)
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  • urban-thunderurban-thunder Posts: 17REGISTERED Occasional Poster
    but i do switch only between cannon and shotgun when i am in close quarters with someone
  • Phenom ForeverPhenom Forever Posts: 830REGISTERED Community Expert Lvl 2
    Cannon-Sniper-Shotgun....Dunno why..But i am used to it!!

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  • TheKiller|PoseidonTheKiller|Poseidon Posts: 1,062REGISTERED Community Expert Lvl 2
    Key user here.
    Something goes here..

  • DarkF0rceDarkF0rce Posts: 2,658REGISTERED Gideons Minion
    I use the Sniper-Shotty-Cannon order     :(|)
  • He@rtAtt@ckHe@rtAtt@ck Posts: 2,044REGISTERED UberStrike Veteran Member

    Starting with cannon because it has medium range & decent damage, sniper(yolo no-scopes & swag headshots)...& if you are still alive, I am probably close to you by this time, shotty spray! \( '.' )/

    That is my order, occasionally, I start with the sniper, but my order is same, I just start form the middle ~:>
  • MWS1994MWS1994 Posts: 445REGISTERED Forum Veteran Lvl 2
    I feel most comfortable with........Shotgun-cannon-sniper.

    Some of these are pretty much the same thing. It just start off differently. I use sniper, shotgun, cannon, but i aways switch to cannon first so i can lay down heavy damage with my cannon and sniper , then finish off with my shotgun if needed.

  • esp.esp. Posts: 405REGISTERED Forum Veteran Lvl 2
  • RayleighRayleigh Posts: 354REGISTERED, QA Testers Forum Veteran Lvl 1
    1-Canon 2-Shotgun 3-Sniper lol am I the only?

  • Royal DestructorRoyal Destructor Posts: 945REGISTERED Community Expert Lvl 2
    Cannon-Sniper-Shotgun ;)

  • -PlatinumHeartz--PlatinumHeartz- Posts: 463REGISTERED Forum Veteran Lvl 2
    Me personally as I'm a sniper tend to go with a sniper cannon shotty loadout, I simply use the default settings and scroll up it works better for me with my mouse and the way I grip it anyway this is why my main loadiut is in that order I'm a sniper and tend too snipe straight off the bat. Then I have my cannon as secondary this is handy for a quick flick to rj and back too sniper but my main reason is the rectile when I'm in close combat. It acts as an assistance to my sniper with the dot in the middle. Along the same principles as a killdot efdectively but not actually having one and then my shotty as I scroll up it follows my sniper leaving an easy finish if I hit my snipe and also as a spray and pray sort of a weapon when reacting to a backatabber
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  • ~Flower.Power~~Flower.Power~ Posts: 1,889REGISTERED UberStrike Veteran Member
    I use cannon, shotgun and sniper


  • Johnnie8Johnnie8 Posts: 9,699REGISTERED, Global Moderators Global Moderator
    Sniper - Cannon - Shotgun. 
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  • Clear.Clear. Posts: 319REGISTERED Forum Veteran Lvl 1
    Same as J8
    Snipee-Cannon-Shotgun FTW
    Best for quick switching for basic.
  • DarkTigerXDarkTigerX Posts: 2,163REGISTERED UberStrike Veteran Member

    All the way (maybe)

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  • AstrologyAstrology Posts: 918REGISTERED Community Expert Lvl 2
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    Shotty-Sniper-Cannon. But why does it matter?
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  • TheInstantKillerTheInstantKiller Posts: 729REGISTERED Community Expert Lvl 1
  • domoman123domoman123 Posts: 179REGISTERED Active Poster Lvl 2
    I use cannon, shotgun and sniper
    Me too! But 73.3% OP.

    73.3?  Isn't it like 66.6%? 

    Sniper canon shotgun for me, but i go- sniper canon shotgun canon sniper canon shotgun canon sniper.

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