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Dear Community,

GIFs are very entertaining and therefore we have chosen to host a UberStrike related GIF contest!

Put your imagination and creativity together and create an UberStrike related Easter themed GIF to share with us all.

Lady Daga, KXI SYSTEM, Luna Lovegood and the rest of the community are ready for Easter bunnies, Easter eggs, candy and fun!


Your GIF must be uploaded to a host (such as imgur etc), smaller than either 500x500px or 640x128px.

Make sure to fill it out correctly and completely, incomplete registrations will be ignored!

In-game name:
Forum profile:
GIF link:

The deadline for submissions is Wednesday, 3rd April 2013, 10PM GTM +0


Never made a GIF before? Fear not!
KXI SYSTEM has made a good guide to explain to you how to make one!



There will be 3 winners in total:

1st place receives 10 000 credits + a special Easter gift from Daga for 30 days
2nd place receives 6000 credits + a special Easter gift from Daga for 7 days
3rd place receives 4000 credits + a special Easter gift from Daga for 7 days



1. Only correctly submitted entries will be accepted, incomplete submissions will be ignored!
2. Only one submission per user. No 2nd accounts.
3. Do not edit your entry (your post). Edited entries will be ignored.
4. Max size is 500x500px or 640x128px(signature size). GIFs exceeding this size will be ignored!
5. Rules are subject to change. It is your responsibility to check for changes. If changes occur, they will be posted in the announcement section and posted clearly.
6. If you need help post here, rather than PM the Moderators! (Please keep it spam free)
7. Criticism is always welcome. Make sure to make it constructive.
8. Remember individuals of multiple ages play this game and use this forums. Users posting commentaries/GIFs which contain offensive and foul language will be banned from further competitions.
9. The challenge ends on Wednesday, 3rd April 2013, 10PM GTM +0
10. Remember to have fun and let the creativity flow!


Best wishes, good luck & HAPPY EASTER!

Lady Daga
Luna Lovegood
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