Breaking news: 4.3.11 on Android & iPad is live NOW!

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Dear community,



Over the last couple of days we've been busy releasing version 4.3.11 on Android & iPad. Release notes include:

- Now FREE on iPad!
- Optimised visual effects for water
- Xbox 360 & GameStop controllers now supported on Android
- Holo's can now be tried out in The Shop
- Updated server screens making it easier to browse and join games
- A bunch of small bug fixes!

However, we need YOUR help.

We love getting reviews from people who play UberStrike. So much so that if you leave us a review on Apple's App Store or Google's Play Store any time this week - we'll gift you The Particle Lance for 2 weeks! All you have to do is mention your in game name in your review, and we'll take care of the rest.

Please note: We're not specifically asking for five star reviews. Every review will receive the reward, regardless of rating.

Have fun!
Team Cmune
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  • AlwayspositiveAlwayspositive Posts: 195REGISTERED Active Poster Lvl 2
    Awesome!!! Thanks CMUNE! Getting this update on my iPad now :)


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  • _Barney Stinson__Barney Stinson_ Posts: 145REGISTERED Active Poster Lvl 1
    Is it still only for tegra devices?
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  • Lil-saint :PLil-saint :P Posts: 1,340REGISTERED Community Expert Lvl 3
    New update..... Cool, CMUNE is improving . Keep it up!

    Thanks CMUNE !

  • Q27Q27 Posts: 296REGISTERED Forum Veteran Lvl 1
    Nice ! Thank you Cmune ! 

  • UberstrikeilUberstrikeil Posts: 5,809REGISTERED Level 9000 Warlock
    Free PaLa? Hummm ok
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  • Lee^_^ChalenLee^_^Chalen Posts: 53REGISTERED Regular Poster Lvl 1
    it lags a little bit
    but i am playing on my xbox 360 this is a good job cume

  • -Silent.Guardian--Silent.Guardian- Posts: 286REGISTERED Forum Veteran Lvl 1
    nice keep going cmune!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ROCKSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

  • -Cobalt--Cobalt- Posts: 1,254REGISTERED, QA Testers Community Expert Lvl 3
    Woot! Can't wait until I get my android.  :)>-
  • Iron_CrusherIron_Crusher Posts: 126REGISTERED Active Poster Lvl 1
    When is it on kindle fire HD?
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  • Agressor BunxAgressor Bunx Posts: 1,189REGISTERED Community Expert Lvl 2
    Where is my PaLa :(
    Nice job Cmune, i have to say.
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  • Odd Future WolfOdd Future Wolf Posts: 2,789REGISTERED Gideons Minion
    Mac App, next? Hope so, haha. (y)

  • _UnLeAsheD_ ZoMBiE_UnLeAsheD_ ZoMBiE Posts: 283REGISTERED Forum Veteran Lvl 1
    BURRITOS ???? :-D
  • Iron_CrusherIron_Crusher Posts: 126REGISTERED Active Poster Lvl 1
    image"Sniper rifles are like tater tots. They are humanly impossible to hate."
  • XxmesoproxXXxmesoproxX Posts: 337REGISTERED Forum Veteran Lvl 1
    ty cmune
  • -Necromance--Necromance- Posts: 776REGISTERED Community Expert Lvl 1
    Love this game ! Thanks CMUNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shail PancholiShail Pancholi Posts: 0REGISTERED Newcomer
    i tried it on my karbonn tab it lagged but was playable.thanks alot
  • shodow05shodow05 Posts: 0REGISTERED Newcomer
    Awesome!!! Thanks CMUNE! Getting this update on my iPad now :)

    Uber strike is awesome and would be cool if it was on ipad

  • SnakePrime06SnakePrime06 Posts: 0REGISTERED Newcomer
    cool thanks Cmune !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • kat_cillerkat_ciller Posts: 0REGISTERED Newcomer
    THANKS for the NEW update.
  • iAttackiAttack Posts: 609REGISTERED Community Expert Lvl 1
    yay!!! finally somthing good to do when im in the car!!!!!

  • aadithv6aadithv6 Posts: 0REGISTERED Newcomer
    wow amazing app on ma android tab 
  • ~ The|GOD|Father ~~ The|GOD|Father ~ Posts: 0REGISTERED Newcomer
    I like it
  • Shail PancholiShail Pancholi Posts: 0REGISTERED Newcomer
    the game is quite laggy on my tab but still playable.
    username -shail pancholi
    i use karbonn tab2 i rooted it and use chain fire 3d but still playable
  • Legend|BeastLegend|Beast Posts: 0REGISTERED Newcomer
    I'm sure this new update is gonna be good 1 X( >:D<
  • uberj119uberj119 Posts: 0REGISTERED Newcomer
    Hey my phone is not compatible with this but i still want the particle lance. Can i just review like here? Please??
  • dhafi16dhafi16 Posts: 0REGISTERED Newcomer
    Nice update, nice gameplay. Uberstrike is totally awesome!!!!!
  • HellRatedHellRated Posts: 0REGISTERED Newcomer
    WHERE IS THE review ??

  • jhonalyjhonaly Posts: 0REGISTERED Newcomer
    gracias Cmune ^^

  • silverywolfsilverywolf Posts: 4,834REGISTERED Level 9000 Warlock
    Nice, good for the ipad users. :)

  • SheenaynaySheenaynay Posts: 1,348REGISTERED Community Expert Lvl 3
    Gamepad support for ipad before computer? *sigh*
    Been waiting for for 3 years for working support since it was announced, and still nothing working. Yes it is three years because I distinctly remember when I bought it, and it was 3 years ago specifically for uberstrike.

    It is in game, but doesnt actually work. How hard is it to fix the Y-Axis (vertical) on the right stick and make it actually function??


    I am dissapoint.
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