UberStrike for iPad - Now on sale

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Hi there,

The iOS version of UberStrike just went live and is available for iPad 2 & 3 in the App Store.

Before you jump on your shiny touch device, there's a few things you should know BEFORE you play.

1. It costs $4.99. Why, UberStrike has always been free? That's right and the iOS version is no different. However to help us get on our feet while launching and limit the number of players during the Beta period, we've put a small price on the download. Think of it like an early access fee :)

2. It's NOT perfect. This is our first mobile game, and we know there's quite a bit of optimization required and lots of bugs to fix. If you want to help us improve the mobile experience, be generous with your bug reports.

3. You mostly play with desktop players. Since the game is new to mobile devices we put mobile and desktop players on the same servers right now. Obviously this is not very fair in terms of gameplay but don't worry, we have dedicated mobile-only game servers on the way.

4. The control scheme is weird. We know, and there's an alternative version coming in the next update. We've done quite a bit of testing, and the touchpad movement scheme is more competitive than the joypad style, but does take some getting used to.

5. There are only 3 maps. We've found that some maps don't work so well on mobile and decided to launch without them. All of your favorite UberStrike maps will be heading over to mobile as soon as they are optimized and we're happy with the performance.

If you're OK with the above, search for UberStrike on your iPad 2 or 3 and give it a try. We'd love your feedback.

http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/uberstri ... ?ls=1&mt=8

Best regards,
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  • GUY82GUY82 Posts: 4,020REGISTERED, Global Moderators, Cmunity Global Moderator
    Thanks for the update!

    Looking forward to trying it out :)
  • -RadioActive--RadioActive- Posts: 614REGISTERED Community Expert Lvl 1
    Awesome..! :D
  • XxmesoproxXXxmesoproxX Posts: 337REGISTERED Forum Veteran Lvl 1
    can u put the update ipod like cmune potrail :D
  • YCIS Matthew GuoYCIS Matthew Guo Posts: 265REGISTERED
    aw my mom says 30 rmb is too expensive :( :( :( :( :(
  • SyntixSyntix Posts: 2,298REGISTERED UberStrike Veteran Member
    So cool ! But its soo sad that it isnt avaiable for iPod / iPhone .
    You would earn many many more plays with that i think but anyways congrates Cmune on that big achivemeny . :D
  • Braw|festBraw|fest Posts: 4,725REGISTERED Level 9000 Warlock
    AWESOME!! CMUNE U GUyS ROCK! I'm not gonna get it cuz i dont have one, but i will make sure my dad buys it! :D

    btw, when will mac app come?

  • Braw|festBraw|fest Posts: 4,725REGISTERED Level 9000 Warlock
    aw my mom says 30 rmb is too expensive :( :( :(
    its 25 quai and 14 mao...
    4 dollars x 6.28 = 25.14...thats like a full 5 quai cheaper :P

  • Cosmic InfernoCosmic Inferno Posts: 1,089REGISTERED Community Expert Lvl 2
    Thanks guys only problem is the money I'd rather play on my laptop but thanks none the less and good luck :D
  • Frake AFrake A Posts: 105REGISTERED Active Poster Lvl 1
    Awe i thought it was free :cry: But Thnx though
  • -Silent.Guardian--Silent.Guardian- Posts: 286REGISTERED Forum Veteran Lvl 1
    Uberstrike IPAD version !!!
    thx cmune :o
    its good to realese uberstrike in android So Cool

  • dd13dd13 Posts: 1,987REGISTERED UberStrike Veteran Member
    Brawlfest wrote:
    aw my mom says 30 rmb is too expensive :( :( :(
    its 25 quai and 14 mao...
    4 dollars x 6.28 = 25.14...thats like a full 5 quai cheaper :P

    Your sig made me miss the old version so bad ._.
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    ._. Cool.


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  • -Blaze Shooter--Blaze Shooter- Posts: 1,822REGISTERED UberStrike Veteran Member
    Thanks for releasing it but can lower the price by $2.99 so that I can buy it? It is expensive. :)
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  • ramy tarek 123ramy tarek 123 Posts: 142REGISTERED Active Poster Lvl 1
    Nice update . And i have an ipad 2 .. But can you pleaseee make it a sale for free for a limited time?? Plss :D
  • RalphredRalphred Posts: 347REGISTERED Forum Veteran Lvl 1
    I can't say that I am impressed. In fact, far from it. Slow connection speeds, extreme lag, THREE MAPS? I'm guessing that most other maps are too big for the app to download, and would take forever to load and lag like crazy, but that could have been fixed before the launch. And, would it have killed you to make it free? Or at least given some sort of introductory sale? If ya'll want to expand Über's audience, the iTunes store is the perfect place, however, you have to make a good impression! Otherwise, people will see the price before anything else, and ignore it from then on. Apps that have a low price or are free, with lots of gameplay, multiplayer options AND a campaign, however, almost always do well. Sadly, the new app offers exactly one of these, and it doesn't do it very well. Sorry, guys, but you messed up. :cry:

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  • Wei Cong Ng2Wei Cong Ng2 Posts: 3,124REGISTERED Level 9000 Warlock

  • rodvelrodvel Posts: 323REGISTERED Forum Veteran Lvl 1
    Many thank you very much!
    I hope those hours testing the application have done much!
    Thanks CMUNE!
  • Ed|sickEd|sick Posts: 682REGISTERED Community Expert Lvl 1
    Just now bought and played it on my iPad and the controls are sooooooo hard to use lol. I couldn't even get In a kill. O well nothing like the good ole mouse and keyboard I guess. Graphic wise and everything else is true blue Uberstrike. I will practice some more and get that kill I need to get lol.

    Anyways good job guys, I know ur not done here. O and happy to see the cube is one of the three maps :)
  • ~KevinHdez-~KevinHdez- Posts: 248REGISTERED
    No android tablets :( :cry: :evil:
  • Ejh16Ejh16 Posts: 7,819REGISTERED, Cmunity Cmunity Writer
    Pretty cool, Shaun!

    I'm guessing the app won't be available for iPhones anytime soon?
  • The_Dead_LordThe_Dead_Lord Posts: 21REGISTERED Occasional Poster
    ohh mann ! i can t buy it :( haven t u got a free version?
  • hippoman5hippoman5 Posts: 7REGISTERED
    Can you please make it for iPod touch and iPhone.......THX
  • SyntixSyntix Posts: 2,298REGISTERED UberStrike Veteran Member
    Ejh16 wrote:
    Pretty cool, Shaun!

    I'm guessing the app won't be available for iPhones anytime soon?

    I hope it will ! D:
  • Celestial DivinityCelestial Divinity Posts: 4,227REGISTERED, Cmunity Cmunity Writer
    Awesome! Can't wait till it's available for Android. Very proud of you CMUNE. ;)
  • Nomis_syasNomis_syas Posts: 10REGISTERED
  • Johnnie8Johnnie8 Posts: 9,963REGISTERED, Global Moderators Global Moderator
    Nice, congratulations on your success, CMUNE! Although it's not perfect (yet), you can be proud you've completed this important step!
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  • Phenom98Phenom98 Posts: 5REGISTERED Junior Poster
    Can't Wait to get it! :D
  • thunder_f00tthunder_f00t Posts: 2,642REGISTERED Gideons Minion
    Please, release it for Android! Galaxy Tab, FTW! :?
  • This is RageThis is Rage Posts: 1,115REGISTERED Community Expert Lvl 2
    Thanks Cmune.
    Why so serious?
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