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everytime i play, i try to hide but i do not know any good hiding places. Can you all help suggest some?
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Charge into battle? No chance, I'd rather hide and shoot you from somewhere far away


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    I enjoy sniping too, so i have some good hiding places, for maps other than Warehouse, Fort Winter, Sky Garden, and Space City, as those don't have a good setting to really snipe.
    Monkey Island-buy some Spring Grenades and launch yourself on top of the giant monkey statue
    Lost Paradise-i pick a tree and climb up or head to one of the treehouses. if you go on top of the rocks, be ready for visitors up there!
    Temple of the Raven-there are some trees on the very top on the map, you can climb up those, or use SG to launch yourself on the outer wall, where you can walk all around
    Gideons Tower-i stand on top of one of the buildings, because there's really no better spot, if you do that, watch your back ;)
    Cuberstrike-on the top floor where the stairs come up, throw a couple spring grenades on the wall and you will get launched up, and move yourself over a floating cube and you can snipe a good amount of the map. There is one with Uber armour on it i always choose.
    Spaceport Alpha-there is a small island out away from the rest where you can crouch down and snipe, and there is also one flying above the map, which is accessible by a different jump pad.
    Cuberspace-since this map has Zero Gravity, if you float upward, just sit in the air and snipe wherever is safe from other players
    Uberzone-you can stand on that circle on top and snipe down, but that is popular and you will probably get shot, but there is one i found myself, using the secret room glitch, but only halfway down and sniping up through the floors of the other rooms :lol: good luck trying to get that by my description though
    I hope these help you get some better ideas on where to snipe (an area with some privacy and a good view of the map), and plz friend me in-game! Bud-13
    Yo, which maps do play on? If you love to camp, try hiding at the trees, in a corner of the map or stay afloat on the water. Only if they were large maps...


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  • RekiTheSniperRekiTheSniper Posts: 11REGISTERED
    i usually play on lost paradise 2, monkey island or cuberstrike as they are easier to hide in.
    Charge into battle? No chance, I'd rather hide and shoot you from somewhere far away
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    1. Buy a sniper (preferably a non-beam, one shot kill sniper), a shotgun/one hit melee, and some armour
    2. Go to the cliff at LP2
    3. Crouch down at the top ledge and snipe people, but keep on moving back and forth sideways if you want to be stealthy or you can just jump up and down, moving in random directions to draw people's attention
    4. If you see someone shoot at you or see a bullet go past you, go to the back of the cliff for a while
    5. If you get shot, go to the back of the cliff for a while, and on your way back there grab the big health and the mini armours (and sniper bullets if you're running low
    6. If someone comes up via jump pad, snipe them out of the air, this is why the one-hit kill sniper is good
    7. If someone comes up by walking up the cliff's trail or you fail to kill them when they are coming up the jump pad, pull out your shotgun/melee
    8. If you die and your sniping spot is taken, snipe the person who took it from a distance

    A few other tips:
    - Whenever you take a shot with your sniper, rescope. When you do this you might see someone getting close to you or about to snipe you and have time to react
    - If you have lots of time when you get to the cliff, you can jump off the back of it and walk up it to ensure nobody is near you
    - If you see someone looking directly at you, eliminate them quickly and hide at the back of the cliff
    - Anyone who is swimming toward the cliff is a priority because if they get to the cliff they have a better chance of killing you
    - There are two other places you should constantly check for people; behind the cliff and the lower cliff to the left of you. They can easily snipe you from those positions, so be watchful
    - I'm sure this is pretty obvious, but I'll say it anyways, keep track of your ammo. One of the worst things you can do is take a shot at someone with your last bullet and miss. Not only does it give away your position, it gives your target time to get to cover, figure out where that shot came from, and snipe you
    - For step 7. you could put Final Word grenades at the front of the cliff, but place them so they are still close to where people land. When someone makes it to you, detonate the grenades

    Have fun and remember:
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    dont do glitching u get banned
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    There is this AWESOME spot at LP2 (that I don't think many people know about) for sniping. If I told you guys, though, I'd have to kill you. ;) :D

    Hint: It has to do with the two big cliff thingies.

    If any of you think you know where it is, PM me and I'll tell you if you're right or not.

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  • Johnnie8Johnnie8 Posts: 9,967REGISTERED, Global Moderators Global Moderator
    I'll shoot you a PM mentioning the basic camping spots of some maps once I get a chance, Reki. Make sure to check your inbox regularly :)
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  • -B|oodseeker--B|oodseeker- Posts: 3,642REGISTERED Level 9000 Warlock
    I can show you every single crevice and hiding spot in Lost Paradise 2.

    Any questions about that particular map, send me a PM. I'll be glad to put it on a list.

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    I can show you every single crevice and hiding spot in Lost Paradise 2.

    Any questions about that particular map, send me a PM. I'll be glad to put it on a list.


    Hey, can you please send me a PM? I wanna see if I'm missing any spots. :D

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    Thank you , I will now be lying in wait for you to go to these "hiding places" so I can ambush you. Just a word of warning.
    This is the part where you run away.
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    Now everyone will know the hiding spots!
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