How do I get free credits legally

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Hi guys I want to know hOw do I earn or get free credits legally on of the method are to than go to get credits then you go to earn credits by playing the games or using the app but that way still did not work I was online two hours playing one of those games but I got no credits
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    There are many alternatives to SuperRewards. Please go to the link below to find out more information on how to earn free credits on UberStrike by using alternative companies.

    If you would like to obtain the credits that were not received through SuperRewards, you can go here: viewtopic.php?p=432611#p432611

    Simon1700 made these mega-threads for the sole purpose that people would have the information in front of them, so that they wouldn't need to ask. Next time, do a quick search. ;)

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    To add on, most of those game app things don't work unless you download it and wait for a day. Be sure to read the description on SuperRewards to see if you did all of it too. :X
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    I'd suggest Swagbucks or a website like it. It may take some time, but you'll get your credits :)

    EDIT - On SwagBucks, you earn swagbucks and once you get enough, you can buy Ultimate Game Cards. Not sure if they email the code or send the card to you, but you'll get it either way :)

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    I really suggest swagbucks. I've gotten 20$ off it already :D
    check out my tutorial on it
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    There are many ways to get free credits here are a few

    1. Swagbucks- its a site where you can earn points by doing surveys then change your swagbucks into uberstrike credits.
    2. The free credit surveys built into uberstrike- just do what it says with valid information and your good to go.
    3. Playspan - this is what i used. Its pretty much a website where you can earn cash through surveys or by watching videos then you can turn your playspan money into an ultimate game card to turn into uberstrike credits


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    nothing works here :( :( i i tried all things including swagbucks it says swagbucks are not available in Pakistan.
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