Flag Masks - tell us what countries are missing!



  • Phantom PredatorPhantom Predator Posts: 241REGISTERED Active Poster Lvl 2
    Name: Phantom Predator
    Country: Cuba
    Reason: Cuba is a beautiful country and I'm proud to be Cuban.
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  • ShammiShammi Posts: 11REGISTERED Junior Poster
    Name: Shammi
    Country: India
    Reason: Country with UNITY in DIVERSITY... so any new indian found out there is no our national flag by seeing other flags then feel odd...( i know not a good reason :D but pls its easy colors Saffron,White, Green with Blue wheel in middle)
  • tomh2092tomh2092 Posts: 7,124REGISTERED, Forum User of The Month Level 9000 Warlock
    Name: tomh2092
    Country: Seychelles
    Reason: Great wildlife, great flag.

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  • peanut brainspeanut brains Posts: 146REGISTERED Active Poster Lvl 1
    peanut brains
    South Africa
    there isn't one flag with an african country on it, and SA is one of the largest countries in africa( with quite a few uberstrike players like tweex a moderator!)
  • alarjlajfblalarjlajfbl Posts: 8REGISTERED
    Name: Alarjlajfbl
    Flag: Israel
    Reason: I mean, Come on. Im not from Israel but, as most people know, it has the Mossad, An elite blackops branch of the IDF. This Makes Israel one of the most Badass countries in the world and certainly qualifies it to be represented on a mask
  • MorbeliusMorbelius Posts: 1REGISTERED
    Name: Morbelius
    Country: Uruguay
    Reason: We are Legion! :twisted:
  • ThreefiddyThreefiddy Posts: 2REGISTERED
    Name: Threefiddy
    Coutry: Finland
    Reson: Because Fort winter is obviously based on Finland :D
  • Phantom PredatorPhantom Predator Posts: 241REGISTERED Active Poster Lvl 2
    Name: Phantom Predator
    Country: Cuba
    Reason: Cuba is a vast, beautiful place filled with good food, people, and places. Did I forget to metion all the exotic wildlife there. Also it would great to make a Cuba mask, since Cuba had to deal with many floods, hurricanes, and Fidel Castro. It would make things feel a little bit better if you made a Cuba mask. My dad was born in Cuba and never got to seen his father until he was 8 years old, because of Fidel Castro. It will be well appriciated if you make a Cuba mask.
    Thank you for spending your time to read this

    Cuban Flag

    Cuban Hogfish

    Cuban Tody
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  • jellodragpnjellodragpn Posts: 15REGISTERED
    Name: jellodragpn
    Country: Pakistan
    Reason: Nice country, went skiing there. It'd look nice with armor.
  • .:Cyber.Freak:..:Cyber.Freak:. Posts: 90REGISTERED Regular Poster Lvl 2
    Reason:Because Cambodia is a beautiful place
  • Captain BadfortCaptain Badfort Posts: 96REGISTERED Regular Poster Lvl 2
    Name:Captain Badfort
    reason: Pakistan is one of the worlds most known countries and it also have good fertilizer and pro cricket and hockey players
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  • GustabarcaGustabarca Posts: 1,471REGISTERED Community Expert Lvl 3
    Name: Gustabarca
    Country: El Salvador
    Reason: Well, El Salvador its a beautiful country, it's not well known around the world, but people can learn more about El Salvador if you put it here. El Salvador's flag is amazing and it will look awesome if you guys put it here.


  • P_U_M_B_AP_U_M_B_A Posts: 645REGISTERED, Global Moderators Global Moderator
    Lady Daga wrote:
    • Only ONE submission per player.
    • Only correct submissions will be accepted.
    • Real countries only people, as much as we would all like a flag mask for Narnia.
    • Valid submissions only, all other posts will be ignored.

    And deleted if necessary. Keep it on topic people and keep it clean please.

  • THE BIG BOSS!THE BIG BOSS! Posts: 111REGISTERED Active Poster Lvl 1
    name: THE BIG BOSS!

    country: EGYPT

    reason: realy i dont have to talk about egypt's history you know it is awsome and the golden eagle looks great in the middle of the flag and by the way lots of egyptians play this game so make egypt proud!!!
  • TireurdelitsTireurdelits Posts: 375REGISTERED Forum Veteran Lvl 2
    Reason:Yes, I know, it's a province, but it's a proud province with a proud history and with proud people. We're also the only one speaking French in North America (except Haïti). We're also a lot playing US. I think we deserve a mask. :)
  • P_U_M_B_AP_U_M_B_A Posts: 645REGISTERED, Global Moderators Global Moderator
    Thank you all for your great submissions, I am locking the topic to count the suggestions and we will put the top few to a poll for you to decide which mask will be made.


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