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Whenever i try to go in a game it just leaves me at the screen where it says pick a side and i can never play it just stays at that screen i have good internett connection do you know whats the deal?
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  • -Big Stan--Big Stan- Posts: 1,059REGISTERED
    Try a refresh to your computer or restart the computer! ;)
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  • cadazacadaza Posts: 620REGISTERED Community Expert Lvl 1
    or do what I had to do.
    check the firewall settings.
    change browser.

    if this not fix that for you then you might have to check if its an update you have done that maybe are in the way.
    If you use google chrome her might be a problem.
    I have had that for myself as a browser but can play through mozilla firefox or internet explorer instead so please try a change.
  • jordybearjordybear Posts: 0REGISTERED Newcomer
    its not working for me last night it was but when i tried it to nothing 
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