Earning Free Credits With Swagbucks

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This thread shows resources and advice on how to earn Ultimate Game Cards on Swagbucks. There are videos and text guides to help you register on Swagbucks, earn an Ultimate Game Card, and order an Ultimate Game Card.

For a grasp of the site you can watch this Introductory Video


Here are a few things to note about Swagbucks.

- It is recommended you use your real personal information, Ultimate Game Cards aren't mailed to your house, but they may send a letter with a code on it that you need to email to Swagbucks Support. Until you get the letter and send the code you can't order prizes. You can take a risk and hope you aren't forced to have your address verified, but they are more strongly implementing address verification every day.
- Swagbucks offers many ways to earn, surveys, tasks, polls, offers, and even just using the special search engine (most users' favorite way to earn because of its simplicity).
- You can use your earnings on Swagbucks to also purchase other gift cards to sites like Amazon and Paypal, which you can then use that cash to purchase Ultimate Game Cards.
- Feel free to send a private message to FlyingFearlessFerret or Akalron if you have any questions.


-Many ways to earn, games, videos, tasks, offers, searching, and more.
-Many prizes, good referral system.
-Easy earning, you can win 20-30 Swagbucks a day by using their search engine and logging into certain parts of the site.

-Poor offer payouts.
-Slow Ultimate Game Card delivery, (code is posted on your Swagbucks Profile), can take almost a month to arrive.
-Potential for address verification, this means you can try not using your personal info, but if they choose your account for address verification you can't order prizes until a letter is sent to your house, this means entering real info, they will only ever send you one letter, so it's worth the time, just email <!-- e --><a href="mailto:support@swagbucks.com">support@swagbucks.com</a><!-- e --> the code on the verification letter.

-Watch this Introductory Video to see how to earn Swagbucks with various methods.
-Develop a daily routine for searching, try to win 3 times a day.
-Log in using the Swagbucks Toolbar and Trusted Surveys, do the Daily Poll and the NOSO for 5 easy Swagbucks every day!
-Track your earnings using the ledger tab under My Swagbucks.
-Going somewhere? Start playing SwagbucksTV and leave it running while you are gone for extra Swagbucks. Make sure you play a video series like the Daily Top Ten.
-Search often every Friday on Mega Swagbucks Day, where you can earn more on searches.
-Check Swagcode Spoilers for the latest Swagcodes.
-To win additional Swagbucks and catch more Swagcodes catch Swagbucks on Twitter and Facebook.
-Scroll to the bottom of the homepage when you log on to see if you are the hourly 1000 Swagbucks winner.

The item I purchased says "Unverified" or "Under Review" on the Order Status page, why?
This means your address has not yet been verified, wait for a letter to come in the mail with a code in it, email the code to the address given to you in the email they send you.

I can't win searching! Why?
You can only win every so 4-6 hours, but it resets at midnight CST. So you can win at 11:59 and 12:01. Try to make sure you are searching relevant things, not spamming. Be patient and take a break, load different pages in that window before searching again.

What are Swagstakes?
They are lotteries you buy entries with using Swagbucks. Unless it's a limited entry one it's a waste of Swagbucks.

I entered a Swagcode, but now it says under My Swagbucks I have Swagbucks for another site. What happened?
Prodege, (Maker of Swagbucks), also hosts other search and win sites. You probably picked up a code that gives you a currency for their search and win site, you can only spend it at that site.
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