New Weapon: Devistator Sniper Rifle

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This is the BIGGEST and BADDEST sniper rifle uberstrike will ever see :twisted: Say hello to the Devistator.
This bad a** rifle has a damage rate of 135 8-) capable of instant death :twisted: It does 185 damage on head shots.It has a 5x zoom scope that can be changed to an infared scope by pressing the button "F". With the scope on infared mode you can spot people that are behind objects. the scope has a laser coming out of it for people to see(just to be fair) but at close range for example the warehouse its scope blurs. This sniper holds up to 35 .50 cal bullets(just to be fair). However, this weapon is loud enough to be heard from 1 end of LP2 to the other,clearly. It has a reload time of 3 seconds.This weapon is specifically made for large maps like LP and MI. This gun costs about 580-600 credits for 1 day but u can get it for points at lvl 25 for about 800 points a day.

Please leave comments :)

If u want this gun to be in the game VOTE HERE
here is the sigature if u support having the DEVISTATOR- i do these sigs on PAINT so dont make fun of them ;)
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