Official Uberstrike Clan Tournament [Registration-CLOSED]

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Welcome everyone to the first 4.0 clan tournament registration. This has been a long time coming and now the 1st tournament day is drawing near. It is the intent of this post to register all clans interested in CMUNE's first 4.0 clan tournament.


Registration lasts from January 17th - January 21th @ 8 PM EST.

In order to register for this clan tournament, each clan leader must post the following information. First we would like to see the clan name, next the clan leaders name and then followed by a link to the screen shot of the clans roster as of their registration date.


Clan Name & Tag - Soul-JAH [Jah]
Clan Leader - StylezXY
Clan Roster -


- Games will be played 5v5.

- All rounds will be set to 10 minutes and 50 spats. There will be two regulation rounds. In the event of a tie, clans must play another 10 minute and 50 splat round.

- You must provide proof by screenshot of your clans win or loss.
On how to take screenshots, see Simon1700 Support FAQ

- Clans may only play players on the roster as of their registration date. Any other player representing the clan in game will result in the clans disqualification.

- Failure to get at least 3 players to a match will result in the clans disqualification.

- You must act mature in the games, use appropriate language, and not rage quit.


Times are EST UTC -5

Saturday 1/22/11 - Round 1 @ 11am EST [Map: LP2], Round 2 @ 4pm EST [Map: ToR]
Sunday 1/23/11 - Round 3 @ 11am EST [Map: TBD], Round 4 @ 4pm EST [Map: TBD]

Schedule is subject to change.

If you have a question about the tournament please contact a tournament moderator:
-Army of One

Please do not spam this topic. This topic is for clan registration ONLY. All other posts will be deleted.
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