[GUIDE] The Basics of UberStrike 4.3.10

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UberStrike is an action packed, crowd-pleasing, ever-growing First Person Shooter, guaranteed to satisfy the irresistible temptation to blow things up. With explosive weapons — protective gears — useful items and stunning graphics, UberStrike is revolutionizing the way we look at free online FPS video-games. Once known as Paradise Paintball 3D, UberStrike is now celebrating its 3rd year anniversary with over 13,400,000 players — 1,200,000 Facebook likes and 5,700 Twitter followers. It is also rated as the #1 FPS game on Facebook and the App Store. You can play UberStrike on the main portal, Facebook and Kongergate. Additionally, you can download and play UberStrike on your Windows and Mac computer, and let's not forget your iPad and Android device.

The first week of playing a game really judges your opinion and thoughts towards it. Having a bad experience won't give you a good image of what the game has to offer, which will most likely lead to you abandoning it. In this guide, you will learn the basic aspects you need to know in order to enjoy UberStrike, compete with other players, and just have a great time with the friendliest gaming community around.

We are constantly working on adding new and important information to this guide in order to ensure your complete satisfaction, and increase UberStrike's largest knowledge base guide.


Nothing is better than having a good start in everything that you do. It guarantees you a more enjoyable experience, and an easy-going ride. This is the same for UberStrike.

When you are ready to create an account:
  1. Read the Terms of Service and Forum Rules | CMUNE Policies.
  2. Enter the desired email address for your account.
  3. Enter the desired password for your account.
  4. Follow the instruction in the tutorial.
  5. Enter the desired username for your soldier.

For information on how to make a strong password and keep your account secure, visit Account Security

When creating an account, do not use inappropriate vocabulary or personal information. Your username is what defines you, so be creative! Need help? Read this short article, What’s in a Name?


UberStrike has two types of currencies: credits and points. They are used to rent or buy gear.

Points are earned throughout the game. They can be used to rent certain gear for specific durations, or to purchase them permanently when the correct requirements are met.

There are several methodes to earn points:
  1. Daily Lucky Draw: Once per day, you will receive a chance to win certain amount of points.
  2. Killing opponents: For every opponent you kill, you receive 10 points.
  3. Tournaments and Contests: Participate in official UberStrike contests and tournaments for your chance to win points and other goodies.

Do you need help managing your points? Read this guide by Sam22 to learn how to $hop $mart.

Credits contain retail value. They can be used to rent or permanently purchase gears without any restrictions, or to test your luck with Mystery Boxes. Credits can be purchased or earned.

There are several methodes to gain credits:
  1. Purchase: You need access to a Visa Card or other methodes of payement.
  2. Gift Cards: Redeem an Ultimate Game Card, ePin Code or other prepaid cards.
  3. Earn: Get rewarded for completing surveys, watching videos, installing applications and programs directly on UberStrike, or through external sites:
  4. Tournaments and Contests: Participate in official UberStrike contests and tournaments for your chance to win credits and other goodies.

For more information regarding credits, visit the official Credits Megathread.

If you experience problems with credit purchases, send a message to CMUNE, or create a post in the Credits forum.


When you are in the need of new gear to destroy your opponents, head over to the shop and browse UberStrike's HUGE selection.

There are three sections:
  1. Inventory: All your rented and owned gear are displayed.
  2. Shop: Browse and purchase new weapons, gear and items.
  3. Mystery Box: Enter for your chance to win free goodies.

Need more information on what's available in the shop? Keep reading!


With over thirteen thousand equipement combinations, UberStrike offers a huge variety of character customization making every player unique. Pirates are pretty cool, am I right? How about ninjas? Gangsters? How about gangster pirate ninjas?

The possibilites are endless. Set your imagination free, and create your dream soldier.

Weapons, weapons and more weapons. UberStrike offers a large collection of weapons, and each are grouped in different weapon classes.
  1. Melee: Strong and deadly close ranged weapons that deliver direct blows to your opponent's body with every swing.
  2. Machine Gun: Automatic and rapid-firing guns that overwhelm your opponent's HP with every bullet.
  3. Handgun: Manual and rapid-firing guns that can prove very deadly when mastered.
  4. Sniper Rifle: Precise and lethal, they allow you to snipe your opponents down from far distances.
  5. Shotgun: Powerful and deadly, they fire several bullets at once.
  6. Rocket Launcher: Loud, powerful, and explosive, they bombarde the battlefield killing every one caught in their path.
  7. Grenade Launcher: Shoots deadly grenades that bombarde anyone in their path.
  8. Splatter Gun: Similar to Machine Guns, but instead of bullets, they fire energy beams at high speeds.

It is time for you to test which weapon class you're more comfortable with, and master them. Go and find YOUR PERFECT LOADOUT!

With thousands of unique styles to choose from, gear aren't only for fashion lovers, but for defence.

Below are the different kinds of gear available in the Shop.
  1. Armor: Armor contains a variant amount of AP (also known as Armor Points) and resistance, which substantially decreases the damage received from your opponents. They are helpful in battle, and can prove very useful in maps that don’t contain any AP pickups. With every shot you are dealt, your AP decreases depending on the significance of the damage received, which is reduced. Your AP can be replenished and increased by picking up armor points that are scattered across most maps. Once your AP is higher than your armor's initial value, your AP will be decreased by one per second..
  2. Clothes: Clothes do not contain any AP, and offer no defence or advantages. They are simply stylish.
  3. Holographic: Holographic suits are different from all of the other gear. They completely change the appearance of your character. Some offer AP defence, and others don't.

You are now ready to customize and create your dream soldier.

Items are useful gadgets you can use to gain certain advantages, or to unlock new features in UberStrike.

There are two different types of items: quick items and functional items.

Quick items are used to make gameplay simpler, and aid you in battle. They come in very handy, and are definitely worth the price.

Below are the quick items currently available for purchase in the Shop.
  1. Spring Grenades: Available in 50, 100, and 1000 uses, they give you a boost in the air, helping you access hard to reach areas, or as a tactic against your opponents.
  2. HealthBot Charged: Available in 20 and 100 uses, they replenish 80 HP during battle.
  3. ArmorBot Charged: Available in 20 and 100 uses, they replenish 50 AP during battle.
  4. AmmoBot Charged: Available in 20 and 100 uses, they replenish any weapons ammunition.

Now it is time to discuss functional items.

Functional items can only be accessed in your inventory. They are used to unlock new features, or change your character's information.
  1. Clan License: Allows you access to create your own clan.
  2. Name Changer: Allows you to change your username once.

By now, you should have a good understanding on UberStrike's shop. Let us go even further with the knowledge base, shall we?

When you create an account and finish the tutorial, you will already be a level 3 UberStriker. In order to level up, you need to collect EXP (short for experience points). The higher level you become, the more you gain access to stronger weapons and gear. The level cap in UberStrike is currently set to 80, meaning once you reach that level, you will float in UberSpace and can no longer level up.

To collect EXP, you need to kill other players. Bellow shows how many EXP per kill.
  • Normal kill = 11 XP
  • Headshot Kill = 16XP
  • Nut-shot kill = 16 XP
  • Smack-down Kill = 13 XP
Every few months, there are special events where the amount of EXP you receive per kill is significantly increased. Take profit of that day to level up and gain as much EXP as you can.

UberStrike contains a very simple clan system. Clans are a group of players whom fight side by side and work together to compete and win tournaments. You can create your very own clan once you purchase a Clan License.

Below you will find the three available ranks in a clan.
  1. Clan Leader: Has full control over his clan. He can add, kick and promote members as he pleases.
  2. Clan Officer: Has intermediate control over the clan. He can add and kick members, but can't kick other officers, nor the leader.
  3. Clan Member: Default rank upon joining a clan. He has no power over the clan whatsoever.

If you are looking to join someone else's clan, or promote your own, visit the Clans in UberStrike forum.

For a specific guide with every information about the clan system, take a look at the Before You Start!: Clan Tutorial Series.

Have an UberTastic day,
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