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<li><a href="<a href="http://forum.uberstrike.com/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=10674#p697373" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://forum.uberstrike.com/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=10674#p697373</a>;" rel="nofollow" class="bbcode_url">Bug Reporting Template - Please follow this format when reporting a bug / issue with the game</a></li><br>
Special Thanks to both Chingachgook and Snake Doctor for their help with compiling the following rules and templates. <img src="/plugins/Emotify/design/images/1.gif" width="" height="" alt="<img src="/plugins/Emotify/design/images/1.gif" width="" height="" alt=":)" title=":)" class="bbcode_smiley">" title="<img src="/plugins/Emotify/design/images/1.gif" width="" height="" alt=":)" title=":)" class="bbcode_smiley">" class="bbcode_smiley">
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    1. Creating a topic about a bug with the game or support issue, and then later responding to
      • confirm that the issue is fixed or still exists
      • provide further details when requested by an Admin or Moderator
      • thanking the person who solved your problem for helping you :)
    2. Creating a post to confirm a bug / issue so long as you provide details too; i.e. "I get this too" is not a good enough response whereas a detailed report about the issue is.
    3. Creating a post to help solve someone else' issue (so long as the information is factually accurate and helpful)

    • Requests for Support for other games, your computer, or anything else not directly related to the game /forums. Please post these in Gossip.
    • 'Me Too' Posts. We don't care if you get the issue as well, unless you help us by providing system details + error reports.
    • Information about glitches/exploits. Please message these directly to an Administrator or visit http://support.uberstrike.com/.\
    • Worthless posts that do not meet the above criteria

    This also covers the rule "Backseat Moderating"; if you see someone post unnecessarily in the Support Forum, this is not an opportunity for you to scold them. Report the post and leave it to the moderators to deal with.

    Reporting Posts on the Forum is covered in this topic: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=13898&p=453814#p453814

    Special Thanks to both Chingachgook and Snake Doctor for their help with compiling these rules. :)
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    1. Search the FAQ / Support Threads before posting.
      If your problem is in the FAQ, or if it can be solved by doing a simple search, your thread will be locked with a link to the FAQ / Search results.
    2. Don't Use PM's to Request Support from Mods / Admins: Please instead submit your Support Issue in the Support Forum. The use of PM's as a support channel keeps the discussion away from the public forums, where other users may also benefit from it.
    3. Glitch Exploiting: If you come across a glitch in the game, you should post in the Support / Bug Report Forum describing in detail the steps to reproduce the glitch. Please use the Bug Report Template for this.
      If a Glitch can be exploited, you should not post it in the forum, but instead send the report to Uberstrike Support - General
    4. Give your thread a descriptive title
      When creating a topic, think of a good subject that will describe your problem in a few short words. Topics with vague titles such as "PLEASE HELP" will not increase your chance of being helped.
    5. Do not use SMS/chat style language
      OMG/lolz makes your post harder to understand, and thus it is more difficult for a CMUNE Admin or Moderator to help you.
    6. Keep replies on topic
      When you post, be sure you are being helpful to the original poster. Off topic or otherwise unhelpful comments will be removed.
    7. Give a detailed description of the problem and how it occurred
      This will save lots of time for both you and the people helping you. If you do not give enough description, CMUNE Admins and Moderators will ask you how it happened, and are going to want more explanation.
    8. If there is another topic discussing the same issues that you are experiencing, do not start another topic
      Add your posts/contributions to the existing topic. This way, if a CMUNE Admin or Moderator provides a response to one, you do not need to trawl through 15 different topics to find this answer.
    9. This forum is not for reporting players
      All posts reporting hackers / glitches / people who you don't like will be deleted on sight. The correct way to report players is via Uberstrike Support - General
    10. Only use a youtube video if it's really necessary
      Answering support questions with a youtube video is a lazy way to get views. Write out the solution step by step and use screenshots. You should never have to use a video when answering a question.
      It's perfectly fine to be used when reporting a bug with the game (so long as you include a text bug report too. Admins and Mods want a quick way to view the bug without having to figure out what you're doing in a video. 
    11. Use a Screenshot if Applicable
      Pictures help give the CMUNE Admins and Moderators an idea of what is going on. You can attach pictures using the "Upload attachment" tool at the bottom of the page when creating your post.
    12. 35JV
      The process for taking a screenshot is explained here How Can I Take a Screenshot? ? / How can I post a screenshot to the forums?
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    Please use the following template for all support requests.

    Simply click select all and paste the following into your post and add in your answers.
    &#91;b&#93;Problem description:&#91;/b&#93; Provide a DETAILED description of your problem here.
    &#91;b&#93;Attempted fixes:&#91;/b&#93; What have you tried to do to resolve the problem?
    &#91;b&#93;Recent changes:&#91;/b&#93; Have you made any changes to your system/configuration recently that might have caused the problem?
    &#91;b&#93;Operating system:&#91;/b&#93; e.g. Windows 7, Mac OSX
    &#91;b&#93;Browser and Version:&#91;/b&#93; e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome. 
    &#91;b&#93;I have Googled and read the FAQ http://forum.uberstrike.com/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=40091:&#91;/b&#93; Yes / No

    How to determine your OS and Browser Version - The Simple Way
    Go to http://www.supportdetails.com/ and copy ONLY the Browser and OS info into your post.
    You can do this by clicking the COPY icon in the top right hand corner of each box.

    How to determine whether you have a 32 or 64 bit version of Windows
    The steps for finding this out can be found here http://support.microsoft.com/kb/827218

    If you cannot answer a question, try as best you can. :)

    Finally, Say thanks if someone solves your problem.
    People who help out in the Support Forum don't get paid; if you want them to keep doing it, you should thank them for their help at the very least.
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    Please use the following template to report bugs with the game.

    Use the "Select all" button to easily copy and paste this into your post.
    &#91;b&#93;*Bug description. Please describe the bug IN DETAIL. 
    &#91;b&#93;*What application did the error occur in? (CMUNE Portal / Mac App /Facebook)&#91;/b&#93;
    &#91;b&#93;*What browser were you using?&#91;/b&#93;
    &#91;b&#93;*What operating system were you using (including service pack if known)?&#91;/b&#93;
    &#91;b&#93;*What graphics card are you running (for Unity3D errors)?&#91;/b&#93;
    &#91;b&#93;*Time/Date range (if reported time is significantly different from time of occurrence).&#91;/b&#93;
    &#91;b&#93;*What were you doing at the time of the error?&#91;/b&#93;
    &#91;b&#93;*Can you replicate the error? &#91;/b&#93;
    &#91;b&#93;*If so, what steps are taken to do so?&#91;/b&#93;
    &#91;b&#93;*Is the error intermittent? (occurs only sometimes) &#91;/b&#93;
    &#91;b&#93;*Error Logs (if available).&#91;/b&#93;
    &#91;b&#93;*Screenshot (if available).&#91;/b&#93;
    &#91;b&#93;*Application specific information (e.g. current map, etc).&#91;/b&#93;
    &#91;b&#93;*Additional comments.&#91;/b&#93;

    Please make an effort to be sure you have provided all relevant information related to your bug or problem. :)


    The Support Team
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